What is handwriting remediation?


It is a method that improves and corrects the fundamental handwriting movements.

Remediation preserves a person’s handwriting’s originality.



What are the objectives ?


The main objectives are to help the person to improve the efficiency, the speed, the flow, the legibility of their writing.

The individual eventually gets to enjoy his writing, gains confidence, and then increases his self esteem.



Who is it for ? what is it for ?


A handwriting remediation is necessary when someone can’t write legibly, fast enough, or is not satisfied with his handwriting .

It is useful for young children who are learning how to write, children and teenagers who have academic difficulties.

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD)

Adults who have never learned how to write, etc..


Do we still need to handwrite ?


Yes ! It is fundamental ! 

We learn through movements and handwriting improves self development .

Handwriting helps to structure, to convey thoughts and to remember.

It is a key to acquiring knowledge.

Handwriting also helps to manage emotions.

All in all it contributes to a better quality of life.

Computers are necessary but they don’t activate some brain areas that are involved in learning… handwriting does !


How should we write ?


Cursive writing (attached letters) has been scientifically acknowledged as the best option.

A recent study has shown that learning both script and cursive slows down the movement automatisation.

The same study mentions that cursive writing has a positive impact on educational outcomes.


Script writing is much easier !

It seems easier !

At first young children instinctively write cursive.


What do we do during a session ?


1)  Stress and energy management

- general relaxation 

- handling stress

 2)  Improving graphic movements

- body position

- pencil grip

- fine motor activities

 3) Acquiring graphic ease

-  Hemispheres of the brain work outs

-  Movements coordination

-  Laterality

Managing the space on a sheet of paper.

Improving the quality of the line.

Fun exercises to improves the quality of writing.

4) Making sure to do the daily exercices (15 to 20 minutes a day)


How long is a remediation?


Each remediation is unique and depends on each person’s need .

A session lasts 1 hour.

The remediation starts the day we meet

right after the evaluation.

Usually a few sessions are necessary .